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Vitl Life Science Solutions | Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

+1 804 381 0905 US Flag

+44 1233 638 383 UK Flag

+86 021 585 854 63 Chinese Flag

ITL Group

As well as Vitl Life Science Solutions, the ITL Group of companies also includes:

Integrated Technologies Ltd

Established in 1977, ITL (Integrated Technologies Ltd.) is an award-winning partner for companies developing and manufacturing leading life-saving medical technology, diagnostic devices and analytical instruments.

Based in Ashford, Kent in the UK, ITL provides a full service solution, taking our client’s projects from conceptualisation and product development right through to full scale manufacturing and aftersales support.

For more information visit

Integrated Electronics Systems China (IES Ltd.)- ITL China

IES was established in 2008 and is a wholly owned and centrally managed subsidiary of Integrated Technologies Ltd.

Providing ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing facilities and assistance with regulatory submission to the CFDA, ITL China offers ITL’s clients a soft landing into Asian markets.

IES also act as the sales team for Vitl products in Asian markets.

For more information visit

ITL Virginia Inc.

Established in 2013, ITL Virginia Inc. (ITL VA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Technologies Ltd.

The US office provides all of the services offered by ITL UK.

ITL Virginia also acts as a domestic point of contact for US clients working on design and manufacturing projects with ITL-UK

ITL VA is responsible for North American sales of the Vitl product range.

For more information on ITL VA visit

Vitl Life Science Solutions

Vitl Life Science Solutions is the trade name for ITL Group’s own brand of products.

Since 2006, the dedicated Vitl team has been designing, manufacturing and selling a growing range of world-leading laboratory instruments.

The current product range includes heat sealers for microplates, PCR plates and deepwell plates, tube pickers, heat seals and an innovative microplate mixer range including the first simultaneous mixer and vortexer.

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