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Vitl Life Science Solutions | Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

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Ther-Mix Heated Laboratory Mixer

Take the legwork out of your sample prep

How would you like to remove multiple steps from your sample prep and some variables from your method?

We’ve looked at common lab methods like DNA isolation, ELISA and assay development and they all have one thing in common:

They involve heating and mixing for different amounts of time, at various temperatures, in a range of consumables.

Without a Ther-Mix, that means incubators, mixer/shakers, stopwatches and (worst of all) variables!

Dr Helen Bennett user the Ther-Mix in her research on Antibiotic Resistance, here’s her thoughts:

The Medway School of Pharmacy uses the Ther-Mix too, they’re synthesising nonoparticles:

The Ther-Mix allows you to create and store your own mixing programs with multiple mixing and heating steps.

Once your program is saved you simply need to attach the Heated Module for your consumable, press play and wait for the beep to tell you that the program has finished.

Ther-Mix requires at least one Heated Module which are sold separately.

Key Features and Tech Specs

  • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1c
  • Fully programmable, with the capability to create and store up to 100 mixing programs
  • Visual countdown timer and audible alert on completion of mixing program
  • Easy-to-use touch screen user interface
  • Interchangeable Heated Modules available to support a variety of samples, plates and tubes
  • Independent control of block and lid temperatures
  • Innovative heated lid on some Modules provides direct tube contact to reduce sample evaporation
  • Calibration and control data pre-programmed with each Heated Module
  • 3mm mixing orbit

Application Examples

  • Sample prep for PCR
  • DNA isolation
  • Plasmid isolation
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Bacterial growth
  • Lysis reactions
  • Sample incubation

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