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Esy-Pik - Tube Picker | Vitl

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Esy-Pik Tube Picker

Vitl Life Science Solutions Esy-Pik tube pickers are perfect for one-handed tube removal. We offer two types of tube pickers, our Microtube Esy-Pik designed for 8.5mm microtubes and our Cryotube Esy-Pik, designed for cryotubes. The Esy-Pik incorporates an eject button to allow pick and place operation whilst avoiding contact with the tube, minimising the risk of heat transfer and thawing frozen samples, as well as preventing possible cross contamination.

Esy-Pik Features

  • Single-handed operation
  • Low cost tube picker
  • Temperature resistant tube contact area
  • Chemical Resistant Contact Area
  • Easy-grip
  • Lightweight
  • Eject Button for easy retrieval and placement
  • Can be used with laboratory gloves
  • Reduced heat transfer to minimise risk of thawing of frozen tubes
  • Reduce Risk of sample contamination

Discover how to use our Esy-pick Tube picker In the following video, a simple and efficient tube retrieval solution for researcher and scientists:

Order Number

V201001: Vitl Microtube Esy-Pik (for 8.5mm tubes)

V201002: Vitl Cryotube Esy-Pik (for cryotubes up to 12.5mm cap)


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