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Ther-mix - Thermal Mixer | Vitl

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Ther-mix Heated Laboratory Mixer

It is no longer necessary to stand over your samples switching different mixing speeds and temperatures in your protocol, our Ther-mix heated mixer can do that all for you. When combined with our intuitive Heated Modules, the Ther-mix allows you to accurately mix and heat samples with ease. Create and store your own mixing profiles with multiple mixing and heating steps through the easy to use touch-screen.


  • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1°C
  • Capability to create and store your own mixing profiles
  • Intuitive touch-screen
  • Interchangeable Heated Modules support various sample tubes
  • Unique compact design
  • 1.5mm mixing orbit

Tech Specs:

  • Speed range (0-80g load): 200 – 3,000 rpm
  • Speed range (80-300g load): 200 – 2,000 rpm
  • Timer range: 5 seconds – 28 days
  • Block heater range: Ambient – 99.9 °C (self-limited by some Heated Modules)
  • Lid heater range: Ambient - 105°C
  • User defined programs: Memory for 100+ programs
  • Dimensions (mm) W x D x H: 190 x 350 x 170 (excluding Heated Module)
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Power supply: 100 – 240 VAC nominal


  • Immunoassays (e.g. ELISA)
  • PCR sample preparation
  • Plasmid/RNA/DNA isolation, purification and denaturation
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Enzymatic reactions (e.g. DNA restriction digestion, Proteinase K, digestion and ligation)
  • Bacterial growth
  • Lysis reactions

Order Number

  • The Ther-mix requires at least one Heated Module which are sold separately

V102001: Vitl Ther-mix Base Unit


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