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How the Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer/Shaker is Engineered for Sample Care

How the Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer/Shaker is Engineered for Sample Care

Continuing from our recent article on the history of Vitl’s laboratory products, this article goes in to a bit more depth on some of the subtle engineering behind the Co-Mix laboratory mixer/shaker. Vitl’s mission is to develop the next generation of laboratory equipment specifically engineered to provide a new level of sample care.

Here’s how the Co-Mix gives scientists accuracy and sample integrity that far exceeds that offered by traditional laboratory mixer/shakers:

Soft-grip microplate and adapter holding mechanism

Unlike other laboratory mixers that use spring-loaded clips, the Co-Mix features a unique automated gripper requiring zero force to load and unload microplates and adapter blocks. This completely eliminates the risk of lid-wetting and sample spillage whilst simultaneously increasing throughput where frequent consumable loading/unloading is required.


As you would expect, the Co-Mix comes pre-programmed with commonly used laboratory mixing profiles for standard microplate and tube types such as 1.5ml microtubes, 96-well PCR plates and ELISA plates. But what if your method requires something different from the norm or has multliple steps?

The Vitl Co-Mix is the only fully programmable laboratory mixer/shaker that allows you to create and store up to 100 single or multi-step mixing programs to your protocols.

Find out more about how easy it is to program your own mixing profiles using the Co-Mix.

Vibration & noise reduction

With a sturdy, balanced design, the Co-Mix runs quietly and smoothly, even at high speeds. If the Co-Mix becomes unstable, the built-in vibration sensor automatically reduces the mixing speed (highlighting the new RPM in red). If the vibration level is still too high, the Co-Mix automatically stops the current program. The vibration reduction features go from head to toe as the stabilising feet are made from resonance absorbing material.

This is the same sort of material used in running shoes and means that they act as shock absorbers during shaking and vortexing.

These are just three of the lesser-known benefits of the Co-Mix. Find full specifications, applications and order info for the Vitl Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer/Shaker here.

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