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Heat Blocks | Vitl

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Heated Modules

Traditional incubation methods such as hot blocks and water baths are notoriously inaccurate and provide poor sample care. Optimise flexibility and performance with our range of interchangeable and intuitive Heated Modules. All modules are pre-calibrated with a built-in heated lid to provide direct consumable contact – a more efficient and accurate way of heating compared to heating air around samples.


  • Temperature accuracy of +/-0.1°C
  • Independent control of sample & lid temperature to reduce condensation and evaporation
  • Pre-calibrated to ensure highly accurate temperature control
  • Modules designed for use with either the Ther-Mix or Flexi-Therm
  • Self-limited mixing speed and temperature for sample care and user safety

Ther-Mix Flexi-Therm Co_mix
Basic Application Heat/mix Heat Mix
Instrument temperature range Ambient - 99.9°C Ambient - 99.9°C /
Heating lid temperature range Ambient - 105°C Ambient - 105°C /
Instrument maximum heating range 4°C/min 4°C/min /
Mixing Speed 200 - 3000 RPM / 200 - 3000 RPM
Program Memory for 100 additional user programs / Memory for 190 user programs
Power Supply 100 - 240V 100 - 240V 100 - 240V
Size (mm) (WxDxH) 190x350x170 (without heated modules) 190x250x80 (without heated modules) 190x350x200
Weight 8kg 1.7kg 7kg
Application 01. Medium preheating
02. Enzymatic reactions under Control temperature
03. DNA, RNA and protein denaturation reation
04. Plasmid purification
05.DNA restriction Endonuclease digestion
06. Separation Magnetic bead or silicon bead from nucleic acid, protein
08. Immunoprecipation
09. Pyralysis reation under certain temperature
10. Cell resuspension in the flow cytometry
11. Components and suspension mixing and heating
12. Antigen and antibody mixing
13. Heated shaking or mixing in other biological or chemical experiments
01.Medium preheating
02. Enzymatic reactions under control temperature
03. DNA, RNA and protein denaturation reactions
05. Pre denaturation in Electrophoresis
01. Particulate resuspension
02. PCR reaction system building and enzyme reaction
03. DNA extraction experiments by Silicon bead method
04. Reagent oscillation in Colorimetric experiment (DMSO etc.)
05. Componenets mixing and suspension detection
06. Antigen and antibody mixing in immune detection
07. Shaking and mixing in other biological or chemical experiments

Order Number

V104001: HM01 0.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes

V104002: HM02 1.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes

V104003: HM03 2.0ml Microcentrifuge tubes

V104004: HM04 15ml Conical tubes

V104005: HM05 50ml Conical tubes

V104006: HM06 96 Well 0.15mL PCR Plate

V104007: HM07 96 Well 0.25mL PCR Plate

V104009: HM09 96 Well 0.2mL PCR Tube


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